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Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Technology based Entrepreneurship Development programme is basically a particular technical trade based Entrepreneurship Development Programme of six weeks durations. The main contents of the programmes are as follows:-

Technical Training:

The Technical training of the relevant field is also provided with the collaboration of any well known technical institution . The duration of the technical training is for four weeks, which include factory visit, practical training and basic exposure of technology involved in particular trade.

Entrepreneurial Inputs:

Detailed information on investment climate in the State and district, institutional setup, with their role/schemes/ procedures and formalities, project formulation and project report preparation are also given to the trainees. The officials/experts engaged in the field of industrial development and agencies provide information about Govt. schemes, infrastructure facilities/finance to entrepreneurs

Market Survey:
The market survey tools and techniques, questionnaire preparation is the prominent part of the programme and then actual field market survey is also carried out by the trainees.

In the Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) which is conducted as residential camp for four days, where each trainee through various behavioural and motivational simulation exercises evaluate himself i.e. his strengths, capabilities, weaknesses and learn how to overcome them.

Field Visits:
To make the trainees aware about the actual working of, they are taken for the visit of different units of same field. In the session for “ interaction with successful entrepreneur” they learn about practical difficulties, causes of failure etc. and remedies to overcome that.

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